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gift of the week (42) – The Library Pet Bed

Come on - it simply isn't human to let your dog sleep on the floor! And - did you ask your girlfriend lately whether she prefers good ole Max or YOU sharing your bed with her? It is as it is: a pet needs her own bed: The Library Pet Bed!










Like it? Then start a giftattack!


And another happy giftattacked user ;-)

giftattack kira



giftattack has launched

Munich, May 30, 2011giftattack, a new service to enable internet users to organize collective gifts, has launched this Monday.

Organizing collective gifts has always been fun and a headache at the same time: the giftee is happy to receive the present but the organizer has to find participating friends and select the right present. Plus, she has to collect the money from all participants! And we all know how tedious it is to scrap together the money in time… launch


Initiating a giftattack is easy: the user who starts the attack is the "commander". The commander defines the "victim", selects the gift and the end date of the attack. She kicks off the attack by paying her contribution. Next, the commander invites friends to chip in on the giftattack. She can share the attack on Facebook, Twitter or by email. During the attack the commander or one of the participating "soldiers" can motivate more friends contribute. When the money for the gift is collected the mission is accomplished. The commander then receives the money, buys the gift and surprises the attack's victim. All soldiers are named on the automatically produced e-card which can be sent to the victim alongside the present.

Wishlists, gift ideas and close Facebook integration which allows giftattack users to see and plan giftattacks for their friend's birthdays make collective gifting via giftattack a fun affair.

About giftattack
giftattack is a service to help users to organize collective gifts. The giftattack service is provided by European Games Group AG, Munich, and AppAdvisors GmbH, Munich.

Michael Reuter


Launch Date giftattack: Monday, May 30, 2011

Yesss! Monday, May 30, will be our launch day! After having talked about the giftattack service with a lots of friends in this week we have a very good feeling about the positive impact our active and productive gift soldiers will have on many inefficient and headache-causing collective gifts.

giftattack - the best way to organize collective gifts

And you know what? There are soooo many nice gift ideas on this thing called internet that we won't get tired of inspiring you (and ourselves) by adding the latest it-gifts! Here a sneak preview on some of our gift ideas:

giftattack gift ideas

Dear prospective commanders and contributors - please have a nice weekend and be right back with us on Monday - for the launch of giftattack - the best way to organize collective gifts!


giftattack Closed Beta coming to its end

start giftattack

Wow. Never thought that our Closed Beta users would provide us with so many valuable hints (...and bugs ;-)

This leaves us with some bugs to fix and some design improvements to apply. And if everything - and I mean that literally - EVERYTHING works fine, we'll be able to launch during next conference! Keep your fingers crossed!


My wishlist (7) – The Bee-Wi Mini

Bee-Wi Mini

I don't have to ask my son whether he wants to have this app-steered Mini! He'll say YESSSS! So the first thing to do on Thursday is to start a giftattack on him. It will be his first as a victim - and he'll love it!


giftattack application for next conference elevator pitch

Today we decided to participate in the competition for the next11 elevator pitch. The next conference will be held on May, 17-18, in Berlin. Since we are a bit late - the application for the online voting which precedes the final decision of the jury ends tomorrow, we hope to collect a decent number of votes to make it onto the list of 12 lucky finalists!

So, please gift/give us your vote (click on the "Up" Button here)- amd we promise you some nice giftattacks in you!


giftattack Closed Beta starting April, 20

giftattack Facebook friends

Yay! giftattack Closed Beta Version will start in time! From April, 20th, we will open up giftattack for beta users: right before Easter the giftattack commanders will initiate the first giftattacks, invite their troops to chip in and organize cool gifts for their friends.

We're really looking forward to this date - and we hope that you all will chip in lat on! Happy gifting!



giftattack basecamp

Ha! No, we haven't the exact launch date for giftattack yet, but we know you can start your first giftattacks right before Easter! Meanwhile, we're pretty busy working on it, testing, and initiating giftattacks on our crew members.....


Reasons for giftattacks

Today we've been pondering about reasons and situations to start giftattacks. Sure - there are those obvious giftattack moments: birthdays, christmas, easter, etc. But then someone added "school". School? we asked.

Yes: imagine your kids go to school and are invited to their friend's birthday. A typical 2011 kid has it all - it has any given Star wars laser sword or .... other toy there is on this planet. The is just one person in the world - besides the youngster himself - who knows what to bring as a present: his mother.

Why not start a giftattack aimed at his mother, inviting all mothers (or fathers) in charge of managing this birthday show? They will love it: there is the wishlist showing the gifts to bring. Then there is the commander starting the attack and inviting others: a perfect set-up for a perfect birthday party!