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giftattack’s gift to you: iPhone Telephoto Lens


November is here and Santa Claus and his little helpers already have started ordering and packing. And since we with giftattack are global advisors for all heavenly gift management units we want to start with gifting YOU - our beloved soldiers in numerous giftattacks!

Just (re-)tweet this post or share it on Facebook (be sure to mention or link to @giftattack) and we count you in our gift lottery. Our gift fairy will pick the winner on Monday, November 7.

The gift: The iPhone Telephoto Lens (for iPhone 4/4s)

iphone telephoto lens


We will announce the winner on Monday, November 7.

Good Luck!

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gift of the week (40) – MyPhones Headphones for Kids

Did you ever worry about your kids listening to their audio devices too loud? Like when watching a video during a car or train ride? MyPhones headphones for kids cap the audio output at 85 DB - the maximum sustained volume level recommended by many regulatory agencies, including OSHA and the CDC. The good isolation dims surrounding sounds, so your little ones will be kept happy - with healthy ears!


gift of the week (31) – The Dark Side Of The Moon Bowl

If you know any of these three fine guys - David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, the most prominent members of the rock band Pink Floyd - you should consider collecting your very last bucks of this month to get yourself this Dark Side Of The Moon Bowl.

The Dark Side of The Moon Bowl

Look at this fragile piece which should play a major role in every ambitious progressive rock household! If you're still waiting for your salary, lottery win or latest armed bank robbery you perhaps should ask one element of your social graph to initiate a giftattack on you!


gift of the week (30) – The Recycled Keyboard Clutch Purse

Recycled Keyboard Clutch Purse

Geez - look at this one!

We all have those clunky old computers from the yesteryears somewhere in our apartments! Before you throw them away look at these keyboards! Would you have had the idea to make a keyboard clutch purse like this one?

If you are a geeky girl OR your girl is a geek - you can get yourself one or start a giftattack right here!


Mission Accomplished Photos – Lots of fun with giftattacks

giftattack - Mission Accomplished

Imagine being surprised by your friends with the perfect gift - this is how it looks like: a lot of fun!

If you have 'Mission Accomplished' photos of finished giftattacks - please send them in to mail (at) giftattack (dot) com. We'll publish them here on this blog to share your fun with all giftattackers!