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gift of the week (41) – The Jambox


Funk is in da house, man!

But not only Funk, Hip-Hop or the latest groove - you can use the Jambox for anything in connection with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It's a wireless speaker and speakerphone with an incredible sound. Nobody would expect 85 decibels coming out of a box you can put into your purse!

Go, persuade your friends to get you one of those ultimate sound machines!


gift of the week (35) – Wooden iPhone Skin

Ok, there are thousands and thousands of different iPhone skins and sleeves. But this wooden skin by KARVT sticks out of the crowd.

wooden iPhone skin

Look at this personally handcrafted skin! You can choose between 16 (!) different woods.  Don't think twice  it's alright! Get yourself this wooden piece of art!


gift of the week (34) – Eye Clock

eye clockUh - ah! With this clock you won't ever know the exact time but you will feel some sort of surveillance, for sure!

So if you aren't interested in minutes or seconds but you need a big brother watching you - start a giftattack on yourself with this cool Eye Clock by Mike Mak!


gift of the week (33) – Bestow Hand Hook

bestow hand hook

What? A vase? U R telling me a vase is the gift of the week??


Use it a s a vase or a candlestick holder - in any case you have the designer's hand with you: Harry Allen created this beautiful Hand Hook from his own hand.