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gift of the week (39) – VW Camper Van Tent

I can immediately think of a hand full of people who'd get a kick out of this one: The T1 replica as a tent! It comes in yellow, red and blue and sleeps four people. If you're under 182,5 cm large, you can even stand straight inside! Definitely a must-have for lovers of the original VW Campervan.


gift of the week (38) – Magic Cube: The Laser Keyboard

Yeah - they call themselves smartphones. But - smartness isn't the only ability you have to possess when using them: you need very thin fingers because of these mini displays they come with!

Magic CubeOk. But what about all the real men with hands you could strangle a gorilla with? Are we excluded from using smartphones? Aren't we smart?

RELAX, buddies! Enter the Magic Cube! This neat box connects with your smartphone and serves as a full-sized virtual computer keyboard. It just beams a big-enough keyboard wherever you want and you can start hammering on your virtual keyboard!

I bet you didn't know that, right!? Ok then - start a giftattack on yourself and become smart (again)!


gift of the week (37) – The Cave

Camping? Great! Fantastic! Barbecue in the wild, campfires, and all that stuff. But ..... who puts up the tent?

The Cave
Relax, baby - there is no need to put up a tent. Just get yourself gifted with The Cave by Heimplanet! The Cave will be inflated with your air pump within the proverbial minute!

And this is not the only advantage of The Cave: Look at this tent! The Inflatable Diamond Grid is a self-supporting airframe formed out of 5 modular double-layer air beams. They can be divided into five separate air chambers to provide a stable stance even in case of damaged parts. The round ground area offers enough space for 3 persons to sleep and baggage or up to 6 persons to sit together.

Get me one of those!!!!!!

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gift of the week (36) – Co-Cane by Munire Kirmaci

cocaneMutual support is the basis of a any relationship. With this beautiful cane, the Co-Cane, you and your partner can and must rely on each other!

As Munire Kirmaci, its Manhattan-based designer, says: "Co-Cane may not be addictive but may cause a possible dependence. Use often and when needed."


gift of the week (35) – Wooden iPhone Skin

Ok, there are thousands and thousands of different iPhone skins and sleeves. But this wooden skin by KARVT sticks out of the crowd.

wooden iPhone skin

Look at this personally handcrafted skin! You can choose between 16 (!) different woods.  Don't think twice  it's alright! Get yourself this wooden piece of art!


gift of the week (34) – Eye Clock

eye clockUh - ah! With this clock you won't ever know the exact time but you will feel some sort of surveillance, for sure!

So if you aren't interested in minutes or seconds but you need a big brother watching you - start a giftattack on yourself with this cool Eye Clock by Mike Mak!


gift of the week (33) – Bestow Hand Hook

bestow hand hook

What? A vase? U R telling me a vase is the gift of the week??


Use it a s a vase or a candlestick holder - in any case you have the designer's hand with you: Harry Allen created this beautiful Hand Hook from his own hand.


gift of the day (Aug, 11) – The Pharrell Williams Velo

Have 20 grand to spare? Hey, then I'd like you to start a gift attack on myself with this one and only single-speed signature bike designed by Domeau & Pérès for hip hop producer Pharrell Williams!

Pharrell Williams VeloLook at this! At Gagosian's they have 12 of those n a variety of leather colors but each color is an edition of one - so you and me we have to hurry up since I don't want to have the pink one ;-)

And - come one, 20 grand.....


gift of the week (32) – BookBook for iPhone

BookBook for iPhone is a wallet and iPhone case rolled into one pocket-sized, vintage book.

BookBook for iPhone

Open this beautifully designed leather book and you will see a wallet on the left and a slot for your iPhone 4 on the right. Trade your wallet for this handsome little book and you’ll have one less thing in your pocket or purse when you walk out the door. And, as long as you remember your phone, you’ll never forget your wallet again.


gift of the week (31) – The Dark Side Of The Moon Bowl

If you know any of these three fine guys - David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, the most prominent members of the rock band Pink Floyd - you should consider collecting your very last bucks of this month to get yourself this Dark Side Of The Moon Bowl.

The Dark Side of The Moon Bowl

Look at this fragile piece which should play a major role in every ambitious progressive rock household! If you're still waiting for your salary, lottery win or latest armed bank robbery you perhaps should ask one element of your social graph to initiate a giftattack on you!