giftattack | better gifts through collective gifting!


giftattack is a service which helps users to organize collective gifting. Start a giftattack, find friends to join the ranks and participate in the giftattack - and surprise your friend with the perfect gift!

giftattack is run by a dedicated team of internet lovers, mobile addicts and gaming professionals.

The giftattack team:

Johannes Sevket Gözalan
"I know so many people I’d like to give something to for their birthday, but there has never been an efficient way – it was either go and buy something (= only for close enough friends), or don’t give at all. Now, with Giftattack I can show and share the love!"

Michael Reuter
"I like gifting! (even more than gettig gifts by myself.....and, no - you can't apply getting gifted by me...)
I don't like inefficiency!
giftattack = efficient gifting. Here you go!"

Kira Song
"I love getting gifts for friends and family. Especially when a bunch of us team up for a collective gift! giftattack is the perfect tool to solve the hassle of collecting money from all participants - and for getting just the right gift."

Justin Stolzenberg
"Giftattack is easy to setup, participate and share in your ever growing social circle – collective gifting for the Facebook generation. And definitely the best way to avoid unwanted gifts."

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