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gift of the week (43) – Cut Out Cable Clutter

I have too many cables, and everybody I know has too many cables. I'm sure, you're not an exception. HEUREKA - I have a solution for all of us: the ES 01 Cut Out Cable Clutter!

power supply










Bogota-born George Moanack has designed the first good-looking plug board and you can order it in three colors: white (as pictured), black and red. You definitely should invest 89 EUR to switch from your ugly factory power strip to the ES 01! Or start a giftattack for your friend's birthday!?



gift of the week (42) – The Library Pet Bed

Come on - it simply isn't human to let your dog sleep on the floor! And - did you ask your girlfriend lately whether she prefers good ole Max or YOU sharing your bed with her? It is as it is: a pet needs her own bed: The Library Pet Bed!










Like it? Then start a giftattack!


And another happy giftattacked user ;-)

giftattack kira



gift of the week (46) – The I’m Watch

No, this watch is not an Apple product. The I'm Watch is a brand new wrist gadget which can be connected to a range of smartphones as iPhone, Android phones and Blackberries.

I'm watchAt the first glance it looks like an iPod Nano but it is an Android (!) based watch from Italian manufacturer Blue Sky, based in Milan. It works with numerous apps like Facebook, Twitter and email. You can listen to your music, make phone calls - and you won't believe me - it even shows the time!

It doesn't come cheap - so you have to start a giftattack - and ask your friends to chip in!



That’s how a typical giftattack victim looks like – after receiving her gift!

Wow! A Macbook Pro! Who does NOT want to have this elegant silver piece which most people wear as a fashion item rather than schlepping it as their work machine (any DELL users here??)

giftattack macbook

Look at Yvi's face - she really enjoys her new little baby - and for her it definitely was a great idea to start the giftattack - which generated a significant part of the total cost.

Have fun, Yvi - and thanks again for this beautiful photo of your's!


giftattack’s gift for you: The Wallee iPad 2 Case

Hi there,

mirror, mirror on the wall - who is the fairest of us all? We've been saying this for centuries now - and it's time for a change: iPad, iPad on the Wallee - who can have you if not me?

Yes - YOU can have the Wallee iPad 2 case as a gift! The only thing you have to do is: Just (re-)tweet this post or share it on Facebook (be sure to mention or link to @giftattack) and we count you in our gift lottery. Our gift fairy will pick the winner on Monday, November 14.

The gift: The Wallee iPad 2 Case

wallee iPad 2 case


The Wallee comes with a mount disk!

We will announce the winner on Monday, November 14.

Good Luck!


giftattack’s gift to you: iPhone Telephoto Lens


November is here and Santa Claus and his little helpers already have started ordering and packing. And since we with giftattack are global advisors for all heavenly gift management units we want to start with gifting YOU - our beloved soldiers in numerous giftattacks!

Just (re-)tweet this post or share it on Facebook (be sure to mention or link to @giftattack) and we count you in our gift lottery. Our gift fairy will pick the winner on Monday, November 7.

The gift: The iPhone Telephoto Lens (for iPhone 4/4s)

iphone telephoto lens


We will announce the winner on Monday, November 7.

Good Luck!

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gift of the week (42) – Smart-i Wireless Cam

My name is Bond, iBond. And this cam is my weapon:

smart-iIt's as small as you can see - no kidding! You won't realize me covering your adultery and the more dangerous stuff you're busy with all the day....

Unless you get yourself one Smart-i and start filming me ;)


gift of the week (41) – The Jambox


Funk is in da house, man!

But not only Funk, Hip-Hop or the latest groove - you can use the Jambox for anything in connection with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It's a wireless speaker and speakerphone with an incredible sound. Nobody would expect 85 decibels coming out of a box you can put into your purse!

Go, persuade your friends to get you one of those ultimate sound machines!


gift of the week (40) – MyPhones Headphones for Kids

Did you ever worry about your kids listening to their audio devices too loud? Like when watching a video during a car or train ride? MyPhones headphones for kids cap the audio output at 85 DB - the maximum sustained volume level recommended by many regulatory agencies, including OSHA and the CDC. The good isolation dims surrounding sounds, so your little ones will be kept happy - with healthy ears!