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Status report for attack on Kira Song (Name Day)

Price: 105 EUR
Initiated byMichael Reuter
Status0% accomplished
GiftPiggy Bank
OccasionName Day
DescriptionLooking for a great gift idea for yourself or your loved ones? This Piggy Bank in the Form of a Pig will hog your change! It was designed by Harry Allen for AREAWARE and is a pretty large piggy bank; it measures 46 cm in length and stands 25 cm tall and holds up to $10,000 in dollar bills. It is an unusual and decorative design object which will certainly compliment your home decor and is a great alternative to the more common money banks, and did we mention that it makes a great unique gift. The Harry Allen Pig Bank is made with cast resin marble and a cork stopper.
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What happens if less than 100% of the money is collected?
Answer: The commander can either receive the collected money or extend the giftattack.

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Kira Song