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Status report for attack on Jürgen Messing (web project)

Price: 35 USD
Initiated byMichael Reuter
Status100% accomplished
GiftOntology: A Practical Guide
Occasionweb project
DescriptionThis new book reports on a decade of work developing SUMO and its associated tools, models and domain ontologies. Written for a wide audience, it should be accessible to anyone with a general computer science background. It includes introductions to topics such as formal theorem proving and the prop
100% of the mission reached
100% collected
What happens if less than 100% of the money is collected?
Answer: The commander can either receive the collected money or extend the giftattack.

Army strength: 2 soldiers

In the army now:

Michael Reuter
Kira Nezu


Mission accomplished

Victim of attack

Jürgen Messing