Join the giftattack on Kira Song (Just for fun!)

Status report for attack on Kira Song (Just for fun!)

Price: 30 EUR
Initiated byMichael Reuter
Status0% accomplished
GiftHead Phonies
OccasionJust for fun!
DescriptionThe boys are back in town! Well boys and girls and other weird folk to be honest! What are we talking about? Headphonies of course, those fantastic little speaker characters with the massive sound are finally back in stock!

Can you imagine that these mini speakers that look like little guys have that amazing volume and sound? Yeah, we had them as a Soupe a couple month ago, and they went BOOOOM
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What happens if less than 100% of the money is collected?
Answer: The commander can either receive the collected money or extend the giftattack.

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This giftattack has failed

Victim of attack

Kira Song