Join the giftattack on Michael Praetorius (next isarrunde video shooting)

Status report for attack on Michael Praetorius (next isarrunde video shooting)

Price: 25 EUR
Initiated byMichael Reuter
Status20% accomplished
GiftHorn Stand for iPhone
Occasionnext isarrunde video shooting
DescriptionSo you've got the iPhone 4 but you don't want to invest in some fancy speakers? Fine, here's a solution that should be right up your alley: How about utilizing the laws of physics a little, to give you some entertainment with this awesome portable amplifier that uses passive amplification? Whether t
20% of the mission reached
20% collected
What happens if less than 100% of the money is collected?
Answer: The commander can either receive the collected money or extend the giftattack.

Army strength: 1 soldier

In the army now:

Michael Reuter


This giftattack has failed

Victim of attack

Michael Praetorius